General Description of Pilgrimage Staff Positions

Camp Coordinator: Responsible for organizing and coordinating all accommodations and facility needs, acting as liaison between Pilgrimage and the Camp, prior to and during Pilgrimage weekend.

4th Day Coordinator: Organizes and coordinates all 4th Day activities prior to and during Pilgrimage, responsible for recruiting, delegating and managing volunteers in making various forms of Palanca; “behind the scenes” support position with many and varied responsibilities.

Music Cha: Provides worship music at all Pilgrimage functions – Training, throughout the weekend, and the Welcome Home Ultreya.  Requires musical talent and a serious commitment to practice individually and with the music team prior to Pilgrimage weekend.  Will be responsible for equipment setup and takedown.

Palanca Cha:  Responsible for delivery, setup, maintenance, and pack-up of all necessary furniture, equipment and accessories for Pilgrimage.  Palanca Chas set up all the various gathering rooms at camp, greet participants, unload/load cars and luggage at arrival/departure, sort palanca, deliver bed palanca and display banners.  This position includes significant walking and some heavy lifting.

Printer Cha:   Must own and be able to bring his/her own laptop to be used with the APP printer.  Must be familiar with Microsoft Word and be able to merge documents with ease.  Much of the work of the Printer Cha happens in the first few hours we arrive at camp, therefore it is imperative that he/she arrive at Camp early in order to complete necessary assignments in preparation for the participants’ arrival.  Serves on the Palanca Cha team and performs other duties, as directed by the Head Palanca Cha.

Table Cha: Responsible for packing and transporting food/drinks, preparing and serving table snacks and drinks and serving assistance at mealtimes for staff and participants. Requires bending and significant amounts of walking, as well as packing/unpacking and light cleaning upon arrival and departure.

Table Guide: Responsible for facilitating table discussions, creating a “safe” environment for participants, actively listening and continually praying for tablemates.

Tech Cha: Requires computer competency with Power Point for graphic presentations including song lyrics and requests by Rollo givers and a willingness to work with last minute program changes.  Experience with audio and video equipment is recommended.

God calls each of us to serve joyfully according to our gifts and abilities.

Prayerfully listen for His call!