Laura Chandler

I decided to attend Pilgrimage after watching my roommate attend for several years. She was always so excited to serve and she seemed so close with the Pilgrimage family. I wanted a piece of that excitement.

I will never forget my first Pilgrimage. I learned to see the works of the Lord in my everyday surroundings and feel His presence always. Pilgrimage made my relationship with God more real and tangible than I ever thought possible.


Ed Perry

Three days of Pilgrimage taught me more about how to live as a Christian than six decades of being one. The retreat taught me what grace is. I got a glimpse of how much God loves me, me personally. I notice now how deeply I am loved by the Christian community, regardless of denomination. This is a retreat for Christians of all denominations and all ages coming together to learn how to live their lives in Christ. What a great blessing!

Tracy Thorne

Pilgrimage was such a blessing to me. It helped me see God in ways I never imagined. My faith was deepened and my relationships with others flourished.

I would say this weekend has been an experience that was truly life changing.